The FBank team uses FBank Coin (hereinafter referred to as FBC) as the core value scale and economic model core, value measurement principles based on value creation and value distribution, combining artificial intelligence, distributed storage and calculation, self-evolving smart contracts, value contribution Identify innovative blockchain technologies and protocols, such as consensus mechanisms, cryptographic algorithms, and developer value incentives, and integrate the global digital asset business network node, digital asset financial consumer users, developer community, and FBank's global R&D and operation team into four core communities. The main body is to establish a blockchain digital asset bank based on the consensus of machine trust and values – FBank.

This white paper introduces FBA's technical architecture design and business plan. It intends to build a blockchain digital asset bank that can quantify value, has self-evolutionary capabilities, and can promote the financial ecology of digital assets.

The main technical core content includes:
Support self-evolution and upgrade mechanisms for core protocols and smart contracts

FBank Upgrade(FBU)

Help FBank itself and its applications on the chain to self-evolve, dynamically adapt to changes in the community or the market, so that FBank and applications will have faster development speed and greater upgrade potential. Developers can also build richer applications through FBank and quickly iterate.

Developer Incentive Protocol(DIP)

In order to better construct the bank application digital eco-banking application ecosystem, FBank will use the FBC to incentivize excellent applications and smart contract developers for ecological assistance, and to promote the emergence of FBA's richer and more diverse banking applications and product value.

Business Network Node Value Contribution Proof Algorithm-Proof of Devotion(PoD)

Starting from the development of FBank's ecological health, FBank put forward three important indicators and principles of consensus algorithm, namely, calculation and storage speed, non- falsifiable and non-returnable and fair value balance parameters.

Digital Asset Banking Smart Contract Algorithm

In order to establish a digital asset financial blockchain system ecosystem, a smart asset contract algorithm for digital assets of FBank application model was established, and the traditional banking and Internet finance platform services were benchmarked, and actual application scenarios were used to realize diversified application products.


Loss of Time Value Discovery of Digital Assets

The value of a digital asset's increased investment and reinvestment over a period of time is called the digital asset's time value. Traditional digital assets are stored on wallets and cannot be invested, so digital assets are missing in time value. FBank calculates interest through digital asset storage time, increases the time value of digital assets, and the business name "coin deposit".


Currency effect chart

Lack of digital asset loan products and services

The digital asset loan model is still a credit loan. Applicant's credit data is evaluated and loaned to a single asset, thus ignoring the value of the digital asset itself. FBank is based on the mortgage of digital assets and supports the lending of multiple assets. The business name is “currency loan”.


Currency loan effect chart

Digital wallet features a single

Digital wallet refers to the collection of information and software. Now it merely records the TOKEN transaction records, ignoring the scalability, and reducing the value of digital assets. Therefore, FBank launches its own financial wallet. Not only does the security add value to the wallet, the business name is "currency bag."


Wallet effect chart

The lack of internal conversion and circulation of digital asset economy

Many users do not know how to purchase digital assets and the exchange is not satisfactory. Most people think that the exchanges are too professional, and the procedures for opening an account, recharging, placing orders, and withdrawing cash are too lengthy. The user just wants to buy something like Alipay, sweeping and paying and picking up goods in two steps. Based on this, FBank opened the built-in exchange, business name "coin exchange."


Currency Conversion Chart




Leo Wong

Mr. Guan Jinfu served as Chairman of the board of directors of the company and served as a blockchain and financial strategy advisor to several listed companies of the New Third Board; he was the former head of the product department of the IT department of the Bank of China; and the former bank branch of the Bank of China, with 10 billion yuan of credit asset management experience.



Jasun Chan

Blockchain full stack senior engineer Big data senior technical expert CUCO Technology CTO and Trinity Earth Technology CTO,He has led the team to complete the design and platform construction of the full-service operation support system for a number of listed companies (including finance, film and television, automotive and other industries).



Jeffer Woo

Former iQiyi, LeTV Product Director; Former Hong Kong listed company Lajin Entertainment Vice President; 20 years veteran Internet, with hundreds of millions of users of product operating experience.

Technical Architecture

Technical model


Platform Model

The FBank platform is mainly composed of two levels



The wealth chain foundation governance structure contains operational processes and rules for day-to-day work and special situations.


Service layer

Through the blockchain consensus, smart contracts and other technologies as well as digital signatures...

Data Feed mechanism

In a traditional centralized system, data is usually obtained directly from a data source as a data input. This data source may either come from a centralized system or from a third party. The operation of the system is trusted and depends on the data input by the data source. At this point, the data source acts as an honest, unbiased, and never guilty judge because the data source is either a module that can be tightly controlled within the system or an absolutely trusted third party. Driven effectively by data sources.

The process of data collection and message fetching under the background of decentralized blockchains is not resolved. FBank proposes a Data Feed mechanism. This mechanism will use an effective rewards and penalties to encourage Data Feeders to provide effective Data Feed services. All nodes that normally participate in the Data Feed will gain reputation and gain FBC, and vice versa. The data source node will lose both the reputation and the FBC risk pledged to the FBank platform. Through this dual-effect mechanism we call Proof-of-Reputation & Deposit (PoRD), FBank will effectively resist hostile data source nodes from malicious data feeds, affecting the actual results of FBank applications. The user needs to pay FBC to get FBA application service, and then realize the closed-loop flow of FBC on FBank.

Smart contract basis

It is based on the OpenZeppelin standard, including a math library that uses safemath security checks. User systems, account systems, order systems, coupling systems, and clearing systems and other subsystems. Each subsystem cooperates with each other to complete the exchange transaction. First, the user identity is identified by the user system (User), and then the user's assets are frozen by the account system (Account), the buy-and-hold USDT is frozen, and the BTC is sold and frozen. If the freeze is successful, the order enters the sequencing system (Sequence).

Technical advantages

The FBank platform has four major technological advantages, namely, high efficiency, compatibility, participation, and convenience.



Fine-grained control and good parallel processing optimization



According to services, data transfer and inter-chain data transfer



Participate in the global application consensus system



FBank provides more efficient and practical Service and API

Hcash是一种新型的数字加密货币,他作为桥梁连通区块链和DAG这两种不同技术的分布式记账系统。 并且实现基于区块链和基于非区块链的分布式系统信息与价值的互联互通。其中Hcash是跨平台价值胡同的媒介,而Hcash平台本身是跨平台 信息交换的载体。 基于Hcash系统的设计特点,Hcash在系统初始设计阶段已经考虑到了对于区块链的系统(包括基于UTXO和Account Based)和 DAG为基础的分布式账簿信息的读取。


XBTING基金会于2016年成立,基金主要从事区块链和加密货币新型金融套利,对冲,股权投资,项目孵化等业务。 XBTING于2017年初至今利润率达293%。2017年中,XBTING使用大数据分析,自主研发的风控系统,社交媒体等设立了分散式的全新股权投资项目, 在市场大幅波动并且进入熊市的情况下,至今依旧实现了超50%的利润率。 XBTING是全国最先进入区块链和加密货币新型金融行业的基金之一,在市场波动剧烈的情况下,XBTING对冲掉了大部分的风险因子,获得了稳定而且客观的盈利。 目前,基金净值超过3000万,全年利润超过千万。 由2017年起XBTING与多家风投机构联合成立专项区块链投资基金。


Zhen Dai

Asia's largest energy Internet company - founder of the owner of the vehicle, founder of Gravity Capital, served as executives of two listed companies of Zhengyuan (600321) and Hongxing Meikailong (601828), who had the largest domestic investment in furniture Internet projects .

You Wu

The former national ice hockey team member; the founding partner of Jinghu Capital , Jinghu Capital Management scale of 4.6 billion yuan, 280 million US dollars led and successfully operated based on the transformation and upgrading of listed companies Incubation and mergers and acquisitions projects have an extremely deep understanding and precise grasp of innovative economies, especially Internet-based innovative business models, in the new economy.

Pengfei Wang

Snapshots (835101) Chairman, EDP of Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management, once founded China's largest mobile social gaming website,,was acquired by foreign listed company DENA. The establishment of Snapshots was launched on the New Third Board in December 2015 with a stock code of 835101.

Caigen Chen

Well-known blockchain writer,Cai Gen Founder,Friends Capital Partners,"Decentralized Business Ideas" Presenter Zhongguancun Angels Investment Association blockchain mentor,Alibaba, Haier, Wu Xiaobo, Leopard Change College Today's headlines, Baidu Baijia, Sohu, interface and other column authors,Among them, the "8 Signals of Blockchain"...

Ya Li

Nankai University postdoctoral economist and business administration postdoctoral doctor, Nankai University Business School Gold Medal Professor, Nankai University Institute of Modern Management, Peking University Private Economy Research Institute invited senior researcher,CCTV2 financial review expert, corporate investment financing and governance experts , Internet Transformation Expert.

Junwei Wang

Founder of Forensic VC; expert in blockchain compliance management; promoter of Token Lawyer Chain. He graduated from the Central University for Nationalities with a dual degree in Economics and Law. Member of the empirical research group on the legal risk of listed companies in China, and the proponent of “4C equity theory” for new economic enterprises, focused on corporate equity governance and incentive mechanism design, excelled in the blockchain Token economic model and compliance governance design, and served hundreds of companies.

Chuangwei Gu

Founder of Forensic VC; expert in blockchain compliance management; promoter of Token Lawyer Chain. He graduated from the Central University for Nationalities with a dual degree in Economics and Law. Member of the empirical research group on the legal risk of listed companies in China, and the proponent of “4C equity theory” for new economic enterprises, focused on corporate equity governance and incentive mechanism design, excelled in the blockchain Token economic model and compliance governance design, and served hundreds of companies.

Elune Li

HEC Business School Operations Management (the first batch of full-model games) Dr.; has more than 10 years of experience in listed companies investing in mergers and acquisitions, project operations, and personnel management. Services for listing and M&A projects of multiple companies, familiar with the overall operation process of listing and M&A operations, excelling in human resource ecological chain construction, overall human resources planning, organizational career planning, personal career growth planning, personality psychology; organizational structure building.

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